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Why Israel is the start-up nation?

Why is Israel, a small nation a third the size of Tasmania with a population of nine million, known worldwide as the second Silicon Valley? Why does it have the highest number of start-ups in the world? Why do so many world-class innovations come from Israel?

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How to diagnose and treat a struggling business

There’s a fine line between a struggling business and one that may just need a little more time to find its feet. How can you tell the difference, and what should you do if your business is struggling? With Covid in our midst, this question is

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How to pitch to an investor

Having been entrepreneurs for 15 years, we’ve pitched and been pitched to more than most. Since we sold to Wesfarmers, we’ve heard more than 100 pitches: some as boardroom presentations, some via email, SMS and LinkedIn, and some randomly—walking the dog, at the bakery and even

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